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Obtaining Investment

By building an MVP or product, by finding a product market fit, by scaling sales and understanding your customers, by building a business plan and crystallising all of this information into a “pitch deck”, you are chasing down all the answers and getting a solid understanding of your business, of your competition, of your clients, your industry, your challenges and your opportunity. Only when all these pieces come together, are you investment ready.

Your efforts are geared towards building a product, proving a market, showing that you have what it takes and ultimately connecting the dots with sources of strategic capital to inject into your startup to help it grow, flourish and scale. This is the process required to successfully raise capital.

Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything.


Angel Funding | Investment

It makes perfect sense to mesh a pre seed technology incubator with a focus on angel investors. Angel investors tend to look at early stage ventures which need both capital and strategic advice and partnerships to help them develop and grow. Angel investors are typically entrepreneurs themselves, so they understand the risk and reward paradigm and can spot founders who are solving big problems, but have the capacity to execute and persevere above all else. An angel investor is, like any investor, seeking financial gains, but at this stage of the equation there should be mutual benefit for both parties.