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Pre Seed Incubator for Entrepreneurs

We support our start-ups and entrepreneurs with advisory services, within our eco-system, to: get to MVP, create financial models and business plans, implement sales and marketing strategies, achieve rapid growth, attract investment and facilitate capital raising, attain long-term sustainability, scale for IPO or create a strategy for a valuable exit.

As we focus on acceleration and support, we provide:

Energy and persistence conquer all things


Start Up Incubator

The whole purpose of a start up incubator is to assist both the entrepreneur and the business to develop, grow and flourish. In order to successfully achieve these outcomes, we believe that you need to create a collaborative start-up ecosystem. We focus on outcome driven services, and bring in mentors and professional advisors and partners to ensure each aspect of your needs are met, at the appropriate time you need them.

Many early stage businesses are seeking access to capital and advisors. We provide both. We work with founders to understand the opportunity and the amount of capital which will be required to attain the maximum potential opportunity in the shortest possible time. We connect the business with the appropriate funders and what we seek is strategic investment that does more than just get cash in the door, it opens new doors to what your business needs to achieve its growth objectives (e.g. partners, clients, technology).

Pre Seed Incubator

Mktplace Ventures is unique in Australia in that it focusses on pre-seed start ups and early stage scale-ups. When we say “early stage” start up, this might even mean in the idea stage. What we are seeking are big ideas, and people that are able to take these ideas from inception to a global market. Have you got what it takes? Because of the high risk nature of this stage in investing, we not only understand that your venture may take some time to get traction, but you need a sounding board to ensure that your idea fits well with the market that you have identified. Quite often, this process works in conjunction with building an Minimum Viable Product (‘MVP’), even though we prefer to focus on an MDP (Delightful Product).

A technology incubator is simply a start up incubator that focuses on technology start ups. Whilst this is not exclusively our domain, we like to see any good founder and their idea get to market. We have great experience and expertise in software, hardware and marketplaces. We have experience and relationships around the globe and can often leverage this expertise for your benefits.

It may sound unfair, but your problems are not unique in business. Your situation has been faced by many of businesses and business leaders before you and, in all likelihood, unless you are solving this problem with your start up, will be faced by many others after you.

The secret of good mentorship is being able to work with someone who not only understands the challenges of the business (e.g technology, money, staff, clients) but understands your challenges (doubt, fear, motivation, excessive work).

By bringing in the years of experience and experts in the field, we make sure you can speak to the right person at the right time and have someone who not only guides you, helps you sort the wheat from the chaff, but lifts you up and inspires you with business insights that allow you to persevere (the key founder ingredient).

Your experienced growth engine

We are successful, professional, technology entrepreneurs.

Our highly experienced, and sought after team, develops strong businesses and provides their founders with global networks. We will help you focus on achieving astronomical scale.

  • Entrepreneurs who achieve remarkable valuations, do so when they don’t let anything stand between them and their vision.
  • We ensure you make a quantum shift from a small business to a rapid growth company to facilitate investment for greater growth and faster scale.
  • We work with founders and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated a willingness and ability to get traction with their business.

Advisory Services


Advisory Services



We simplify the complex by covering structural, legal, financial and technical operations.



Numbers are central to starting and growing a business. Our models drive essential KPIs.



Create marketing materials to drive sales and reach your targets with digital messaging.



Strategy for every tiny and major aspect from daily sales targets to board composition.



Facilitation of Ideation sessions, software duediligence, and technology focus groups.


We provide entrepreneurs and their companies with an accelerated path to commercialisation and growth and a process for becoming investment ready and achieving capitalisation with strategic sources of funds. We have created a start-up eco-system which supports every key aspect of this endeavour.

We also provide advisory solutions which make the complex simple and cover financial, legal, technical and disruptive elements of technology and software driven companies.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Technical road maps – MVP and launch
  • Commercialising IP
  • Investment, investing, capital raising and exits.
  • Obtaining product / market fit
  • Legal and technical diagnostics
  • Acceleration of sales
  • Disruption from within a corporate : Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Investment ready process and raising strategy
  • Advisory services – digital marketing, strategy, financial, legal, sales, technology
  • Financial modelling and business plans
  • Establishment and incubation of a start-up by existing company
  • Establishing Australian arm of existing overseas company

Commercialising IP

This is the key question that we are going to ask: “Is there an alignment between product, customer and go-to-market?” Once we have the answer, we set about testing it and scaling it.