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Tony Simmons


Tony is an experienced business builder, value creator, and former technology lawyer who has founded and sold his own global software company. He builds, advises and invests in fast moving technology and software.

Whether investing, leading, managing or growing a business, Tony has a detailed understanding of the mechanics of venture scale companies. He has the knowledge, skills, know-how and experience to accurately execute on the necessary start-up and scale-up requirements.

Tony is a unique entrepreneur with a rounded skill set perfect for new ventures and startups.

Tony Simmons

Our Difference


We work alongside founders in every stage of success.



People and start ups aren’t robots, so we don’t treat them as such.



Business is tough and competitive, so we build resilience.



Don’t dream of blue sky. Create value now by focusing on clients and business fundamentals.



Software is not the panacea. Others focus on building the tech, we focus on selling to clients.


Our Approach

You have a vision, an idea, a concept. So does every other person we’ve met. What we do is support founders’ and their venture into the marketplace. We work with you to make the idea stand on its own two-feet, and the create a path to execute on a realistic business strategy.

We provide you and your company with an accelerated path to commercialisation and growth. We conduct a process to get you investment ready and achieving capitalisation with strategic sources of funds.

We support ventures and entrepreneurs with services so they can: get to MVP, create financial models and business plans, implement sales strategies, create marketing materials, achieve rapid growth, facilitate capital raising, attain long-term sustainability, scale for IPO or create a strategy for an exit. We know what is required to attract the attention of investors. We can even sit on your advisory board.

  • Often it is not you or the tech that needs assistance, it’s knowing the business of business that makes all the difference.
  • Tech doesn’t win, people win – this is an incubator more akin to a business school, teaching discipline, focus and how to success at the process of sales, marketing, growth, capital. People still buy off people.


Our view is that an incubator is where you take an idea, and turn it into a business. We work with our founders to give them real-world knowledge of what makes a business tick, legals, contracts, financials, sales, marketing and an incubator must make a fledgling grow wings, so that it can quickly leave the nest, fend for itself and flourish.


All your support mechanisms are under one roof: sales, financials, marketing, developers, and a place where you can seed ideas and test them. We work hand in glove with you and your team to create a plan on which you can execute. We ensure that you are focused and have the tools to measure, track and hold everyone accountable to move things forward.


We deliver objective input from people who have themselves founded, grown and successfully exited their own businesses. We will create a tactical plan to ensure you can achieve your goals. We will ensure you have a repeatable, saleable and scalable sales and marketing process that can deliver customers and deliver results. We will put you on your path to success.