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Pre Seed Funding to Seed Stage Capital

Seed stage businesses are usually someway towards validating their services or product. They may be in the market with a product (even if it is MVP) and they usually have a client which is generating revenue for them. The business is usually growing but the organic growth curve needs a capital injection in order to better meld its products of offering with the market and achieve true scale.

Depending on a range of factors, that need to be examined, not least of which is the appetite of the founder for certain deals or a preference for debt or equity, the funds can be secured from Venture Capital Firms, Funds, Institutions or Private Investors.

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Angel Funding | Investment

It makes perfect sense to mesh a pre seed technology incubator with a focus on angel investors. Angel investors tend to look at early stage ventures which need both capital and strategic advice and partnerships to help them develop and grow. Angel investors are typically entrepreneurs themselves, so they understand the risk and reward paradigm and can spot founders who are solving big problems, but have the capacity to execute and persevere above all else. An angel investor is, like any investor, seeking financial gains, but at this stage of the equation there should be mutual benefit for both parties.

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