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Create Balance

At Mktplace Ventures we decided to create a shared space that allows business and technology to permeate the soul, to bounce off the walls yet provide an ambience that is conducive to creativity, networking, growth and outcomes.

MKT Space

Our start up and co working space is located in South Melbourne. It is a space where anyone, from any field, can come and feel at home. We welcome newcomers, old-hands, start-ups and already ups! At Mkt Space, no one has to worry about anything except making their business flourish. We are spread over 2 floors, providing first class facilities and giving you an office that can become your address.

MKT Space

Our Incubation Space – A Private Shared Space – Mktplace

We provide a centrally located incubation space for our entrepreneurs to work and connect. From here it’s easy for you to get access to infrastructure, people, networks, meeting space and the very fast fibre internet speeds (100Mb / 100Mb).

Business Services

Modern Solutions

If you’re on the move and you need a desk or an office now, you’re covered.

We are a space for tech and software businesses and our office demonstrates that we understand environments which provide time and cost saving features to our users and our shared space members. We provide integration with our other business services through our team. It’s what you expect, a one stop shop for everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are experienced, knowledgeable and well known entrepreneurs. Read more about us and our point of difference via the Our Difference page.

Street parking options exist from $8 / day. Ask us though, as we may be able to find you something onsite.
Sure. Please drop us a line on 1300 793 025 and we will arrange a time.
South Melbourne is perfectly positioned for public transport and all major roads. Click here to view

You will be provided with your own keys, so you can come and go as you please.

We live here too. We want a space that we love and allows us to succeed.

South Melbourne has its own markets we are near many, many cafes (St Ali), restaurants and pubs, 3 minutes walk to Coles and minutes to trams and trains. The city is a short walk away too.

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